The University of Sunderland has recently completed a new Learning and Teaching Plan. This strategy is to be implemented and championed throughout the whole institution from 2013 through to 2016.

The film that we created was used to indicate to the academics what current students like and expect from the university, and also how each academic should use this teaching plan to provide the best teaching experience as possible to their students.

The university wanted a film that was fast paced with soundbites gathered from as many different student voices as possible. Questions that they wanted asking referenced the main headers of the teaching and learning plan; good teaching, learning spaces, feedback and assessment and graduateness.

For this project we worked alongside a production company called Contrapunto. Our role was to film and edit the piece.  Contrapunto worked with the university and the students to organise each interview and make sure the work delivered met the brief supplied.

The style of the filming was very important as each students response had to be clear, as if they were talking directly to the academics. By putting each student in the middle of the frame this meant they could not get lost in the working environment. After last-minute changes in the project brief we had just two weeks to complete the piece. Initially the changes left us very short for time, but in the end the university were very happy with the overall result and are looking to commission us for further work.