Split Festival 2014 was held in Mowbray park in Sunderland and is a festival that helps bring live music from unknown bands to well-known artists. I had the opportunity to get a free press pass for the weekend, this give me access most others didn’t have. I did not get paid to make this video, but I didn’t want to turn down the opportunity.

To capture the video I used minimal amount of equipment, I had one camera, a 24-70mm lens and a 11-16mm lens. I have edited this video twice, the first time it was fine, but it did not really have as much of a style to it as I would have liked. So I went, back and found a different song and after listening to about 20 I chose this one. It allowed me to change the whole style of the video which I am really happy with the result.

It was a fun weekend because I got to see people like Maximo Park and Dizzee Rascal, but I also found a few new bands which I really liked, Bleech and Smoove & Turrel to name a few. As I made this video for free I was not able to be there the full two days and capture footage from each artist, as I had other commitments. If I was there for the full two days I think I would have had to make to videos on for Saturday and Sunday.

Things I would change in the video are some of the shoots are really dark and I had to put the camera setting up quite high. This causes the images to have lots of grain and sometimes does not look very good. I got around it by making the whole video very gaining and used it to my advantage and it turned out well.

Music – Body Rock by Gyom – Premiumbeat.com

Below are a few images the I tuck whilst at the festival.

Sunderland Split Festival Sunderland Split Festival Sunderland Split Festival Sunderland Split Festival Sunderland Split Festival Sunderland Split Festival