The colour run has been going for a couple of years now and on Sunday 20th of July it was in my home city of Sunderland. When events like this come along I always what to go out and film them. I made this video just for practice and it was a good excuse to use my Go Pro. I did not run in the race but one of my friends was which give me the opportunity to get shots of someone running in the race and also shots of everyone else at the event.

The shots you see in the video are of my friend Curtis running were all filmed on the Go Pro. I built a backpack rig so the camera would sit just behind his shoulder or in front of his face. First of all we got a small backpack for him to wear which would also house the rig. The ring was made out of plastic plumbing pipe which was then mounted on to a wooden frame, which also added a little bit of weight to the bag. Once we got the basic design we had to adjust the height and the angle by using the camera to see the view we would be getting. The reason I wanted to see him in the shot is because having an object in the foreground of the shots helped to give us a fixed point to look at and reduce the shakiness.

The footage that I got from the Go Pro camera was fantastic and was everything that I needed to put the video together. I think one of the main reasons the footage come out so good was because Curtis really get involved with the race especially the part when everyone is jumping all over. I integrated footage from my camera which helped to bring the whole video together. Also my other friend Philip Brown made the track for the video which really helped to keep the timings and the pace of the video right.

The video has come out as I wanted it to and was a good learning experience as this was the first time I have had to grade Go Pro footage, but there is one thing I would do next time and that is to run in the colour run as it looked like so much fun.