Road is the first short film I wrote and directed. The idea for the film was from the road it’s self, I used to drive past it often and knew I had to use it before the road opened. The story really developed from there as I thought of ways I could use the road to progress the story in a practical way. Which is something I wanted to stick to throughout the film, when thinking about the door in the film I knew the best way to shoot this was to have a real door standing in the middle of the road. This give the film the practical look which I was going for. When the door was standing in the middle of the road, did not look real, even though I could go up and touch it.


The Film was shot over two cold days in November, which is one of the things I would change, if I was going to do something like this again because if we shot the film in the summer months, the weather would have been warmer and the days would have been longer. There are certain things I had to compromise on as when we were shooting we started to lose the light. Learning is all part of the experience of making films and I definitely learned a lot from this film.

The main character is George played by Liam Angus, who I had worked on a few films in the past and wrote this short film with him in mind to play the lead role. Also the character Sarah is played by Christina Cuthbertson, again who I have worked with before and she was also perfect to play this character. Working with actors you know well makes it easier as you are asking them to do something I personally could not do. So we both have to trust each other.

Liam Angus - Road

The film had a small crew with many people doing different roles which was great to have as it allowed me to focus on the direction of the film. Without them the film would not have been made so I’m very grateful for everyone that helped.

This is also the first film I have entered into film festivals and it was selected for a festival in Chicago and also for Sunderland Shorts where it won best regional film, which was a big surprise. The experience I had making this film was great and stressful at the same time, but watching people watch the film felt good.


Road Short Film