Whilst working on a promotional video for a local estate agent I needed to capture images of places and things to do in Sunderland. One of the places they wanted filming was Revolution Vodka Bar, the shot they wanted was someone making cocktails. Access for this shot was easy as I had previously done filming work for them. My initial plan was to just get the couple of shots that I needed for the estate agent promo video, but then I decided why not film more than I needed and make a separate cocktail video for my own portfolio. I want to make a cocktail video that helps to promote and teach people how to make cocktails

I decided to film this project in a different style as I was doing for myself. I remembered seeing a cooking show on YouTube and instead of filming everything they captured photographs in a continuous order and stuck them all together. This created a stop motion type effect.

This was the first time I’d ever done this and there are some lesson I learnt right away. After viewing the photographs back on the camera after the first cocktail, I could tell the actions of the cocktail making was happening to fast. In the last two video you can tell the slower motion helps with the video and is something that I will put further practice next time as I think the stop motion effect looks cool. Thank you to Phil Timney who was my bartender for the night.