I have been filming glass demonstration for about a year now and I have seen some really fascinating things. I have noticed that all of the artists and glass blowers I have filmed all have different techniques and styles of working, but I have not seen anything like the work Martin Janecky created.

As I was watching and filming him make this piece I still did not know what to expect, but once I realised what he was making and I started to become mesmerized. Along with everyone else who was watching the demo and there were a lot of people watching. Martin is an extremely talented glass artist and I am glad I had the opportunity to film him and help show others his work.

Before the demo starts, I always talk to the artist and people helping with the demonstration just to make them at ease and to ensure to them I will not get in the way. Building up a relationship with the people at The National Glass Centre has allowed me to work more freely and get the best shot I could have in such a busy environment. Without these relationships I would have not be able to get some of the shots that are in this video.

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