The National Glass Centre in Sunderland is a place I love to work as I get to meet some great people and get the chance to film the creation of different pieces of art. This project was a little bit different from other projectsI have created for the NGC as normally I film a piece being made, along with an interview and then a couple of days later I will go back and film the finished piece once it has come out of the kiln.

The beginning of this video shows how James Maskrey who is a glass blowing at the NGC creating one of the pieces for the exhibition, in total he created 300 pieces. The same techniques were used on all 300 pieces this is why I only needed to film one of them. A couple of months past and they asked me if I could film all of the installed pieces and an interview with Magdalene who’s idea and exhibitions this is.

When I walked into the gallery space all of these pieces were hanging I did not expect what to see and I was truly speechless. Right away I knew it was going to be easy to shoot as every angle was beautiful. Every time I placed my camera down it just looked good so I press record. I have a lot more footage of the exhibition, but I could not add it all into this video as it would have been around 10 minutes long.

Hearing Magdalene Odundo talk about who she is and where her inspiration comes from for this was fascinating and it was great to hear first hand about the piece. Personally, I love making things, I always have and filmmaking allows me to do that. Listening to Magdalene made me ask myself a question, Why Do People Create? The work I do is great fun and hopefully, I can do it for a long time, but a lot of people who do what I do might agree, it’s not a real job. So I have decided to make a video about why people create, I am not sure how I will do it yet, maybe interview different people who create. I am sure it will be good fun.