Filming different artists at The National Glass Centre is always great fun as I get to see some pretty amazing things and the stags head is one of them. I have been working on this video for quite a few months as the stags head takes that long to make. The first time I had a chance to see the stags head was in the flesh was when I filmed it and it was amazing to see. I had watched Katya the artist of the stags head make it right in front of my eyes over these months.

I wanted to film Katya make the stags head as naturally as possible, nothing set up and just like I was not there. The reasoning behind this was because I was not only capturing the stags head being create I was also filming Katya and the creative knowledge and skills she has. Each stage of the process I filmed was something new and I didn’t really know what to expect. This was great as I meant I had to adjust to the situation and find the best shots.

The stags head is made for Glenfiddich the whiskey company and up to now there are 15 stags heads, the one I filmed is number 13. They are used for a whiskey display in air ports around the world, next time you are in a air port look out for the stags head and number 13. I know I will be.

Throughout the filming I used only 2 lenses, the Sigma 24-70mm and the Tokina 11-16mm which I only used for a couple of shots. Filming the glass centre is great as there is so much light. This helped to capture the natural feel to the video I want.

National Glass Centre –

Katya Filmus – Glass Artist –

Robert Carr