Premiering at National Glass Centre, Constructions is a mid-career solo exhibition of new work by Jeffrey Sarmiento, supported by a publication and an international tour. Jeffrey Sarmiento’s sculptures utilise glassmaking technologies both ancient and modern to express the complexities that underpin cultural identity.

For Constructions Jeffrey is creating works that explore image, object and architecture, uncovering identity through multiple cultural settings. Constructions makes us re-consider our cultural identity through image and object.

This project was filmed over 3 day with the first 2 day being at the stage were Jeff was creating his most influential pieces. During this stage I worked around Jeff and his team to try and capture the creation of these art pieces as naturally as possible. I did not want to make people feel uncomfortable in front for the camera, as this may cause them to make a mistake and ruin what they were making. I did this by talking to everyone involved and explaining what I would be doing, which seamed to work.

The creation and the construction of the exhibition was completed around 2 mounts later, during this time it give me a chance to sort through the clips I’d shot and pick out the ones that I would use in the final edit. The last day of filming involved filming the completed pieces of art in the gallery at The National Glass Centre. I had a couple of hours to film which was a real challenge as every piece was different and made out of glass, so I did not want to get any reflection of myself. I tried to find as many different camera angles to really help showcase the work as these pieces have there own story and life.

That same day the interview was filmed with Jeff. As he was explaining  the different elements of Constructions I wanted the audience of this video to fell like Jeff was talking to them personally. This is why I put him in the centre of the screen and not talking off camera to someone who you can not see. I have used this interview technique before and its not the most  comfortable set-up for the interviewee, so asking a couple of simple questions before you start like ‘What did you have for breakfast?’ is a necessary. As Jeff created these pieces from scratch once he started to talk I did not need to ask question, he just explained everything.

Once the filming was complete the editing began. I started of with the interview splitting each section up and then cutting it down to reasonable length. Then the images of the creation and completed work were laid over the interview, colour grading and a soundtrack were all added and the film was complete.

With every project I always learn and take lots from it. With this project it was about telling the story about why Jeff created theses pieces and from my point of view it was great listening to the stories of why and how theses pieces have been created. Technically I would still like to improve my lighting set-ups in the interview and in certain shots, but overall I am happy with the final result.

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