Breathing was a video I create for Maria Bang Espersen who is a glass artist. When discussing this project I did not know what to expect as I’d filmed a lot of glass demonstrations, but nothing like this. The process was Maria would take amount of glass on the end of a blowing iron and instead of blowing down the pipe, she pumped compressed air down it. Depending on how fast the air is pumped into the blowing iron will change how the glass reacts to it and it very much trial and error.

We filmed this over three, two hour sessions at the National Glass Centre, the first session allowed me to watch and understand how Maria was going to work with the glass as it was something new that I’d never seen before. Throughout the session we work together to capture the footage we thought would be best for the film, along with experimenting along the way. The video was shot on a slow motion camera which allowed me to capture glass in a way I never filmed it before. From the opening shot of the film, the slow motion shows how the glass moves and flows like water.