The Magical MINI Tour traveled around the country to help showcase their new MINI along with giving someone the chance to win a trip to Rome. Darlington was the last stop of the tour and is where this video was shot.

The brief was to make a promotional video that had a high tempo. So early on I wanted to capture certain parts of the video handheld, this helps to move things along a little faster. For the car I didn’t want to use too much handheld as I wanted to show the slickness and the style of the car, so I used more static and slider shots.

Once the edited was complete something still didn’t feel right with the video. I went back and looked at old projects that I had made and I completely forgot about the effect I used on a fashion film. The effect is called light leaks and it simulates light spills that would go into your camera lens affecting the image. Adding the effects to this video helped the follow and also the transition between certain shots. The light leaks are something that I forgot about, but it is a great tool to use in the right situations.

I think the video has come out quite well, the shooting was great fun and I think we got a just enough coverage of the event. Thank you to Richard William Scott for working alongside me on the day. Working for MINI has been great and I have a better understanding of how to work alongside large companies.