Whilst making my short film Road, I filmed different members of the cast and crew to make a making of video. Whilst interviewing Liam who plays the lead role in Road I learnt a lot about why he is an actor. So I created this film about why he acts so others can find out more about him and also help him advertise himself as an actor.

The first clip of this film was filmed on location of Road and was also just a short interview set-up to get a little bit of information about what we were doing that day then he delivered that great line. I have watched that one clip so many times and I laugh at it every time. The films that feature throughout this film are projects that we have worked on together and some that he has created with other, but also work that he has created himself.

I like how this film has come together from such an improvised interview, just shows you that there are stories everywhere. Myself and Liam have worked together since making Road and hopefully we will continue to work together on other films to.

Below are links to Liam’s social media account and some of the short films we have worked on together –

Twitter – @LiamAngus

YouTube – @LiamRAngus

The Birthday Party – https://vimeo.com/109710998

The Fighter – https://vimeo.com/107799552