EY formally known as Ernst&Young commissioned us to make a set of videos for their recruitment and for their clients explaining exactly what they do. The Client video was created to give more information about what they do within Managed Services, to give more information to potential staff but also clients.

The Recruitment video was with the members of the team that work in Managed Services which is one of the departments at EY. The people interviewed talked about what it is like to work at EY and also being based in Newcastle, which was something they wanted to highlight. This video was made to help recruit more people in the future and showing why EY is a good place to work for your career.

We were only commissioned to make the client and the recruitment video, but we wanted to give them something extra that was based around the work they do so everyone could enjoy. Whilst interviewing the staff at EY we asked them to different questions that were not provided by EY, the first was If managed services had a tag line what would it be? This got people thinking out of the box and some of the answers where great, which the managers loved.

The second question was a little different, but still within the subject of EY managed Services – If managed services was a superhero, what superhero would they be and what power would they have?

EY Managed Services is a very busy department dealing with large global companies. The feedback we received from these two video was great as it allowed the team to have a bit of fun and discussion about how they would answer the questions. For us creating videos like this allows us to add our own creativity to the project and is something that we will definitely create for clients in the future.