Erin Dickson is a glass artist and PhD student based at the National Glass Centre, UK, with her latest piece being titled Tyne Tunnel – Kinetic Mirror Installation. This piece consisted of two different elements, the first was the creation itself and the other was the location it was installed in. The piece was made up of five mirrors that vibrated in a random sequence, the noise and the motion of the mirrors created a feeling of unease through out the tunnel.

Speaking to people about this project they all knew about the Tyne Tunnel, but non of them knew there was a pedestrian tunnel with a foot and cycle path, myself included. This is where Erin’s piece was installed for only a of couple hours as the tunnel is open 24 hours a day. The tunnel enhanced the piece as the sound was echoed through out the tunnel.

For a piece like this that can only be installed in the desired location for a number of hours, its is very important that the work is documented. When I was asked by Erin to film, I knew is was going to be very important to get as much footage of the piece as possible. This meant I had to quickly think about how I wanted to tell the story in the final film by selecting shots that would fit together. Once the editing started, I seemed to be using the sound of the piece instead of the visual side to edit all of the footage together, which created exactly what Erin wanted for the film.