The Enterprise Place is a dedicated facility within the University of Sunderland which supports the development and growth of the student and graduate businesses. They commissioned me to make 10 videos about the current and past members of The Enterprise Place and how they have helped these business start and grow.


I knew the videos all had to follow the same style, as it was a 10 part video series so the start and the end needed to be the same on each video, like a TV show would have. So I started with the enterprise logo as this is the business hub the videos are trying to showcase, but instead of putting the logo on a plain background I used a shot of the Enterprise Place which introduces the location.

Next, I wanted to introduce the name of the company the video is about and also show the person’s name, as these videos tell the story of how these people created their business. This was also over the top of the video clip, but this time it was a clip of the business. This one being of Zoe Binet and the story of her business Monster Pie Toys. And finally, the Brought to you by The Enterprise Place again over different footage from each business.


Now the rest of the videos needed to be different for each as there were 10 stories and I wanted each video to have its own feel. This was greatly helped out by the 10 different business that I filmed, as they were all very different from each other and the story of why they set up their business.

For each video, I knew I wanted to show what they did whilst they were explaining, and for some businesses, this was easy as they made clothes like James Okello of Sw3lly Clothing or motion graphics like Rosario from Purple Kyloe. Other businesses who provide a service and don’t have any physical products I knew I had to go out and film them delivering the service they provide like Dan Makavelli of Media Savvy.

Also to give each video its own unique feel the music choice was very important. The music used in The Monster Pie Toys video had a jumpy tone and fits in with the way she creates the toys she sells. The James Okello clothing video has an edgy style which fits with the styles of clothes he produces.

The videos were not all about each business sharing their story, they were also about how The Enterprise Place has helped them develop their business. What was great about each business was that they all had a different answer to the question, which did make my job easier when editing, but it was great to hear how many different ways they have helped New and established the business.

I think all 10 videos come out different and really tell the story of each business from the personal feeling about why they do what they do. I think videos like this show to customers that if you are buying products or services you will be receiving the highest quality of work because these people care about what they do.

Robert Carr

Below is a selection of the 10 videos I created.