Corpse is a short film that I teamed up with Richard William Scott of Geordicus Digital to make which he wrote and directed. Below is the film synopsis for corpse –

The government dropped the bombs when they realised they were no longer in control. The meds didn’t work, the infection took hold, and the gangs erupted from the ashes.

Sam and Jason find themselves caught in the cross fire; fighting starvation, infection, and other desperate survivors. Their plan; get to the boat. Get out of Britain. What seemed like an easy task, has become their fight for survival.

My role on Corpse was director of photography, which is one of my favourite roles to have when making a film. I have done this in the past, but I have always had multiple jobs to do as well, but with Corpse this was my main role which allowed me more time to spend getting the shots Richard had planned out. One thing that we did more and more was to combined shots together and get them in one shot instead of 4 or 5. We made sure we covered these shot, but getting them in them in the same take, allowed for the production to go a lot quicker and the result looks much better as we do not have lots of cuts in the film, just natural camera movement.11791926_986194974763931_7191993891449664647_o

We started to shoot the film in the October of 2014, but realised that to shoot the film over the winter would cause two problems, first was the cold weather as everything was shoot outside and the other problem was the light. At that time of year the days are shorter so we would have less time to shoot each scene and we did not want to rush it. So the production was moved to the summer of 2015 and for most of the time the weather was clear. We had 18 production days and once we started filming we managed to complete in a month and a half.

The crew was small with fine being the most we had and sometimes we shot with just two, which was me and Richard. What was great about the project was the cast, Jacob and Zak throughout the film were very professional and made our job so easy. The rest of the cast were also great and helped out with production side when they could, which is great to see as we were all making the film together and not as individuals.

Overall I am very happy with how the film come and it is very close to the original script by Richard. This is the biggest film I have worked on and it makes me want to make more short films at this same level and further. I don’t know where the story is going next as that is up to Richard, but I defiantly want to be a part of it wherever the story goes.

Robert Carr