When I started learning about filmmaking I thought I needed lots of camera equipment to make the best films possible. After a while I’d bought enough camera equipment to start a rental company. It took me a while to realise the only thing that matters are the stories and the content you create. No one cares what it was shot on and most of the time people would not know what you are talking about if you told them. Well other filmmakers might.

I bring this up because I have just put the camera I have been shooting with for the past 3 years in to semi-retirement. 95% of all of the content I have created has been shot using this camera. This was the first camera I got, shooting in hot environments filming glass artists, to the cold temperatures of filming the many early sunrises and sunsets. It has filmed countless interviews and taken many photographs, to be more specific I have taken 26,242 photographs and recorded 7440 videos on this camera. So a few.

I have used it to make money and when I just wanted to go out and shoot something. As I have said it is going into semi-retirement, it will mainly be used for studio use, filming vlog type content and I know it’s always got my back if I need an extra camera. I know it’s just a camera and it’s daft to think about it any other way, but I am the happiest when I am filming or taking photographs.

It took me a while to save up for the new camera, as it was a lot of money for me to spend on one thing. I could have used the money to buy a new car, which a really do need, but as long as I can get to the job I can shoot. Does this mean with the new camera my work and story telling will improve, well no it will not. The image will be sharper, cleaner and there are a few other features which will make my work a little easier.

I have learned to use the new camera straight away, some of the buttons are in different places, but that is easy to learn. The more important thing to learn is how to tell better stories, instead of having equipment that just sits and waits.