Filmmaking is my real passion and running a video production company allows me to do that, not all of the time, but some of it. Most of the time I am emailing people, writing proposals and looking for work. Looking after the business side of running a production company is just as important as the creative side because it allows me to fund the projects I want to create. Along with earning a living, sometimes any way.

First of all looking for work is difficult, but the best way to find it is to meet as many different people as possible. You may think online advertising is the best way since every business and person is on there, but that’s the problem everyone is on there. Have an online profile, make sure you are as high as possible in search engines, but don’t sit there waiting for the phone to ring. I have found most of the work I have done by meeting people, attending networking events, business lectures, meetings and by talking to new people.

Once you find out someone needs work creating you have to write a proposal explaining exactly what you are going to do for them. Writing proposals can take a long time to complete as every project is different. Over the 3 years I have been writing proposals they have evolved and start at about 6 pages. These six pages have become a template that I can customise to each project, but there is normally another 2 to 3 pages just explaining the concept/idea for each client’s video. Also the bigger the project the more words you write talking about how you will make the video, which helps justify the price I am charging.

I can spend any were from a day to 5 writing a single proposal, it’s great when you get the work because you get to create something new and also get paid. When you don’t get the work, you don’t get paid, which is sometimes hard to take because you have spent hours trying to get the job. It’s like going for a job interview every other week and not getting it, but that freelance work.

I take pride in the work I create for clients and I am always trying to offer them something new and improve on my own skills. I think the quality of the work I create is good, but not great. I want to change the style of the work I produce for clients as I think it suits want I want to make. Yes I am making videos for someone else, but it should also be for me. Everything I make should be good enough to go in my showreel were all of the best shots are shown. I know not everything is going to be perfect, but I want to try I create something that I am always proud of.

I want to keep writing about what I do as I think it will help others understand the work I create, but I think it will also help me work out how I really want to run my production company. In 3 years time I will be 30 years old (or young) and I am looking forward to it  because I want to make my first feature film. I don’t want to make it now because I know I do not have the ability to tackle such a big project. In the next 3 years I will have learned so much more which will help me to achieve my goal.

Robert Carr