After a few months of development we are launching The Film Look which is a YouTube channel all about filmmaking. We have spent the last few months working out how we are going to structure the channel, designing the branding and coming up with ideas for episodes.

The structure of the channel will work like a TV series. Every new film we make will have it’s own season, the episodes in the season will cover the different filmmaking techniques we used to create the film and achieving the film look.

Once we knew we wanted to structure the channel like this coming up with the ideas for the channel was easy and once we started to work on an episode we would come up with another 2 or 3. Soon we had around about 100 ideas for episodes with is over 2 years worth of content, so now we are free to just make them.

The branding was very important as we wanted to have something that would tell people exactly what we are about. The name does really help and we are still surprised no one else had it. Richard’s background is animation and effects, and when he showed me the logo and video ident, I said do not change it.

The main reason we wanted to start this channel is because it gives us the excuse and motivation to make more films. We want to build the YouTube channel up so it gives us a platform to showcase our work, and at the same time help others learn from what wehave learnt whilst making each short film.

Personally I am very happy the channel is now live, we just need to make sure we publish a new video every Tuesday.

Below is the link to the YouTube channel trailer which explains what The Film Look is all about.

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