Every time I finish a project for a client I am essentially unemployed, some projects overlap and work can be consistent for a while. This means money is coming in and everything is great, because all that matters in life is money, right. I run a business therefore I have to make money and don’t get me wrong I love the way I do it, but I only spend about half of my working hours if that, actually making money.

The other half of my work is made up of writing personal for projects were I do not get paid, well not yet any way. Money to me allows me to create the work I want, but just working to make money does not make sense as I would have no time to work on the projects I want to create. I always have to make the decision in which direction I want to go down in each day. Today I chose to write this, which is not making me money, but it allows me to share and hopefully help others.

My goal is to make short and feature films for a living and I have started a new YouTube channel called The Film Look which allows me to do just that. We have created this channel to help build a platform for our short films. (By our I mean me and my business partner Richard William Scott) The channel is educational as we talk about the techniques we used to create the films and hopefully people can learn from it. Also YouTube is a viable source of income, which no one really talks about. It’s hard work, but people have done it.

The channel has been going for about 3 weeks now, but we have been planning it for 6 months. Over the past few weeks we have been working on it nearly full-time by creating content so we are ahead of ourselves. This has meant making money has been a second priority for us, but I don’t mind as I am really enjoying the content we are creating for The Film Look.

The Film Look has the potential to become my full-time job where I get paid to do it. I still want to do client, but only projects that I feel we would be creating something different and new. The Film Look might not provide the income I need to turn it into my full-time job, but it is defiantly the direction I want to go. The main reason for this is because it would be ours, we would make the revenue from it and we would be creating the content we want to create.

So the question is, which is the best direction for you to go in? Well both for now, I need to be out there finding new clients to work with, but I need to gamble and try build something for me.